Full Article Attached Editorial: NGLayout in Communicator 5.0 - Truth and Consequences

Thursday October 1st, 1998

I've had a few days to consider the NGLayout / Communicator 5.0 issue and the WSP petition, and finally have some words to speak on it. So, click "Full Article" below if you're interested in reading mozillaZine's first editorial opinion piece.

I should make clear before you start that mozillaZine is an independent site, and the opinions expressed in this article and in past articles in no way represent the feelings or opinions of the Mozilla Project or Netscape. We like the guys, but we would never presume to speak for them!

#11 Re:Editorial: NGLayout in Communicator 5.0 - Truth

by David Talbot <>

Monday October 5th, 1998 9:35 AM

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I've almost found the browser differances entertaining, to attempt to create a cross browser dynamic web site that doesn't break down to the "worst of both worlds" but takes crazy hacks and wild scripting.

It is not impossible to make kick ass pages that look right in both browsers, it just takes a good programmer with a creative eye. (and a few doument.writes) :)

Yes, I would support a later release date of NS5 if that means it would be a better browser. I'm one of those wierdos that thinks it's better to deliver something late than dysfunctional. NS5 without the NGLayout would be a grave error.

Bottom line, it would be great if it came out with NGLayout, otherwise it will be on the web developers to deal with it the way we always have, writing javascript hacks to make the browsers work together.