M12 Out!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

M12 is now out. Get it from the FTP site. It might be a little difficult to get in. If you have a mirror site, let us know in the forum, and we'll add your info to this news item.

So far there are releases for Mac, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris 2.7, Windows, OpenVMS and Linux.

#78 Open-source development

by Darchmare <>

Tuesday December 28th, 1999 10:33 PM

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feldercarb -

Once again, I'll say this: the rules have changed. Open-source development changes the rules. Forget 'programmers', and definately forget 'software engineers'. We've got 'coders' now. These people certainly are proud of the work they do, but the real work is done when dozens and dozens of people on different platforms, operating systems, etc. do the bug hunting. Large open-source, multi platform projects like Mozilla benefit from this kind of development.

And yes, it DOES work. Look at Linux, Apache, Gnome, etc. for examples. The rules have changed.

Also, as I said before, your case is a fluke. I can use Mozilla for an hour or two before there are any problems whatsoever. This is on the same platform that you are on.

As a fellow Mac user, I can understand how you may be unfamiliar with the open-source development process. That's 100% cool, but as the previous poster said you should read ESR's "The Cathedral And The Bazarr" before criticizing things too much. It was this document that made Netscape choose to open-source their client to begin with.

You can find a link to it on