M12 Out!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

M12 is now out. Get it from the FTP site. It might be a little difficult to get in. If you have a mirror site, let us know in the forum, and we'll add your info to this news item.

So far there are releases for Mac, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris 2.7, Windows, OpenVMS and Linux.

#74 what feldercarb said

by asa <>

Tuesday December 28th, 1999 6:32 AM

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I tend to agree with feldercarb on one point he makes. "Quality is every engineer's responsibility." I happen to think that every engineer on this project has a passion for putting out a quality product. Engineers that I've met have been _devoted_ to this task. There is a lot that still needs to be done to make Mozilla into something that joe everyman will use for his daily surfing. This is an especially daunting task when, unlike any other browser that I now of, Mozilla is being built to run on nearly a dozen platforms. Testing across even the biggest three, Mac, Linux and Windows, takes time. Feldercarb wants Mozilla better faster and sooner. I sure agree with him on that. I can't wait either. Thats why I play with a new build just about every day (some run better than others and I hold on to those). Thats why I spend time in #mozillazine and #mozilla talking about bugs and other Mozilla problems. I've managed to get my system and Mozilla both playing together nicely with the help of many developers and testers. Mozilla is pretty stable on my system and I've talked to others who have found a particular build or group of builds that work well for them. Anyone who is finding Mozilla an untamable beast is welcome to visit #mozillazine and ask for my help.