M12 Out!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

M12 is now out. Get it from the FTP site. It might be a little difficult to get in. If you have a mirror site, let us know in the forum, and we'll add your info to this news item.

So far there are releases for Mac, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris 2.7, Windows, OpenVMS and Linux.

#69 Re: Yes, it takes awhile

by feldercarb

Monday December 27th, 1999 7:01 PM

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I think you missed the point. Ten bugs in ten minutes is way too many. It shows that the developers are not unit testing their code. Yes, it absolutely is the responsibility of developers to make sure their own code works. Quality if every engineer's responsibility.

As for C++ proficiency, I'll put mine up against anyone else's any day of the week, not to mention Java, JavaScript, C and a host of others. What's not a good use of my time is finding other programmers' bugs, which they would have found themselves if they had spent ten minutes unit testing the code before they checked it in.

Sloppy software engineering practices offend me. Buggy code offends me. Mozilla offends me for that reason. I'd like to see some pride in product there.

Echinacea Feldercarb