M12 Out!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

M12 is now out. Get it from the FTP site. It might be a little difficult to get in. If you have a mirror site, let us know in the forum, and we'll add your info to this news item.

So far there are releases for Mac, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris 2.7, Windows, OpenVMS and Linux.

#57 MTBF (Was:Re: m12 mac travelogue)

by Hendy99 <>

Sunday December 26th, 1999 1:45 PM

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MTBF is not consistant between machines - or OSes - on NT I can leave Mozilla up for hours at a time, whilst the same build will play up violently on Windows 98. Played with M11 on an imac, but um....... too slow and no eassy way to enter proxies (speed was not really an issue here). This is more or less Alpha material. ALPHAS HAVE MANY BUGS and not all features are implimented at this stage. I would be more than happy to class M12 or the M13 Nightly builds I use as Alpha. but not all systems are the same, meaning it may not be Mozilla at fault (is probably true that it's Mozilla, but what else could cause it?)

Just my $0.02

Posted with the Christmas Day Build :)

Also, I see bugs. The submit button's test is not centred (It's so bad it reads SUBMI right-aligned) but I live with it. This is Alpha not beta :)