M12 Out!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

M12 is now out. Get it from the FTP site. It might be a little difficult to get in. If you have a mirror site, let us know in the forum, and we'll add your info to this news item.

So far there are releases for Mac, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris 2.7, Windows, OpenVMS and Linux.

#55 m12 mac travelogue

by feldercarb

Sunday December 26th, 1999 1:31 PM

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I installed M12 for Mac. It crashed twice within the first five minutes of use: once when trying to hide the sidebar from the View menu, and once when trying to navigate within In ten minutes of use I also observed these bugs:

1. Closing the browser window leaves the File and other menus missing most of their items and full of divider lines, with no way to navigate or open a new windows. 2. Command-key menu shortcuts only work if you click on the menu bar first. 3. Command-click on a link doesn't open the page in a new window. 4. Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys do nothing. 5. Scroll bars do not conform to Mac UI standards, and are very confusing because the empty fill color is darker than the thumb. 6. Pressing Next and Sign In buttons on My Netscape first time registration page has no effect. 7. Open File dialog does not put text cursor in edit field when dialog comes up -- must click to type. 8. Popup menu arrow appears on all blank text fields even though the popup contains no items.

So let's see, that's about one bug per minute, and MTBF is about three minutes and twenty seconds (two crashes and one unusable state in ten minutes). It's not clear to me how anyone could think of this as an alpha candidate. The stated alpha criteria have MTBF in the one hour range. This is not even close.

Echinacea Feldercarb