Special Bug Day

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

Bug Day, now a regular Tuesday occurrence at #mozillazine, will be a bit different today, because of the pending M12 release. Please stop by and let us know what you think of M12, and help file bugs and discuss Mozilla's future.

Asa Dotzler writes, "Having problems getting M12 to work? Found a bug and you don't know how to report it? Want to chat about the success or failure of the Mozilla project? If you've got questions, someone's got the answers and they might just be at BugDay! BugDay is a collaborative bug hunting and reporting effort that meets every Tuesday on in #mozillazine. [If you don't have an IRC client, feel free to use the client on our chat page. - Chris] Stop by this afternoon (mid day to mid night USA time) and help make Mozilla better."