Design Patterns Contest Winners!

Tuesday December 21st, 1999

The Design Patterns contest is over, and the winner of the autographed book and the $50 Amazon gift certificate is Guillaume Rams. Second place with a signed book and a $25 gift certificate goes to Gregory Knapen from the University of Montreal. Third place goes to Matt Bissiri, who gets the signed Design Patterns book.

All 3 winners and the runner-up also get a T-shirt and a stuffed Mozilla (yes, it's the green one).

If you're interested in seeing the patterns they found, along with some of the judges' comments, click here.

Thanks to Heikki Toivonen of CiTEC (and DocZilla fame) for organizing the contest.

#1 Where is the Design Patterns Contest result?

by washi

Tuesday March 4th, 2003 7:06 AM

I am looking for the result of the Design Patterns Contest.

Currently, the page does not exist.

Does anyone know where can I get the information about the contest result?