M13 Builds Appearing

Friday December 17th, 1999

Branching has occurred, and we should expect M12 to be released either today or Monday. M13 builds have started appearing on the ftp site, and you can get the latest builds from our builds page.

Mozilla has improved greatly over the past two weeks, so if you haven't checked it out, try to pick up a copy of the release when it hits the ftp site.

#38 Re: Impressive stability and mailnews question...

by WillyWonka

Monday December 20th, 1999 10:45 AM

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Mail and news is stable, but I only use it to read my work account from home. It currently leaves all the messages on the server (Not sure if the option to delete them is functional yet).

It works fine, I can have multiple emails etc... there are still a few bugs, like the incorrect number of emails listed in the total. With news (Only tried it once) I did notice that it downloaded ALL the messages. It didn't give me the option to download 30 or so (Like v4 does)

The one down side to using Mozilla right now to read mail and news is when the registry changes (Its happened a few times but its supposed to be set as of the alpha - so people can develop products for it). And when you have to kill all of the files related to an old daily build... you loose you're email. Well Its stored in the user50 directory but the registry is what points to it... I'm fairly sure with a little hacking around you can get it back.