M13 Builds Appearing

Friday December 17th, 1999

Branching has occurred, and we should expect M12 to be released either today or Monday. M13 builds have started appearing on the ftp site, and you can get the latest builds from our builds page.

Mozilla has improved greatly over the past two weeks, so if you haven't checked it out, try to pick up a copy of the release when it hits the ftp site.

#3 Re: M13 Appearing

by asa <>

Friday December 17th, 1999 2:40 PM

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I'm calling it alpha. I've consistently referred to Mozilla as 'pre-alpha' in posts and conversation but starting with M12 (reguardless of what <> or staff at netscape decide to call it) I'll be referring to this as an alpha product. I'm now using mozilla for at least 50% of my browsing at work and at home and 100% of my mail and news at home. I've never given that much time to a beta piece of software so I feel completely comfortable calling Mozilla 'alpha'.

Now on to your actual question... I've got zero inside information but from what I'm reading in public forums, (newsgroups, websites and irc) I'm guessing that M12 will be called Mozilla Alpha. Some one tell me I'm wrong (I'd rather be wrong than uninformed).

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