M13 Builds Appearing

Friday December 17th, 1999

Branching has occurred, and we should expect M12 to be released either today or Monday. M13 builds have started appearing on the ftp site, and you can get the latest builds from our builds page.

Mozilla has improved greatly over the past two weeks, so if you haven't checked it out, try to pick up a copy of the release when it hits the ftp site.

#2 M13 Begins

by asa <>

Friday December 17th, 1999 2:30 PM

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Well, I've been playing around with it for about an hour now and it works. I'm probably going to stick with the late M12 builds for a few days while the developers carpool in the changes they've all been holding for a while. Early nightlies from each milestone have always been filled with little problems and regressions for me as many changes are plowed into the tree in a short period of time. So I ususally wait a few days for them to iron it all aout and get it stable again. But so far early M13 looks nice. :)

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