M13 Builds Appearing

Friday December 17th, 1999

Branching has occurred, and we should expect M12 to be released either today or Monday. M13 builds have started appearing on the ftp site, and you can get the latest builds from our builds page.

Mozilla has improved greatly over the past two weeks, so if you haven't checked it out, try to pick up a copy of the release when it hits the ftp site.

#10 Re: What's the difference?

by asa <>

Friday December 17th, 1999 4:01 PM

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Exactly. What he said. For the last week or so the nightlies in the M12 development period did not have many serious changes checked in. For the most part the developers are focused on polishing off remaining M12 bugs and working toward stability for the M12 'release'and not adding a bunch of risky new code. As soon as M12 is branched and the new M13 development period begins (last night I think) then all of the heavy changes that were to risky to make near the end of a development cycle will be carpooled in. This is a process where several major checkins all go in at once under controlled circumstances (other checkins are usually halted) so that any regression or full-on bustage can be quickly assesed and repaired. So there is usually a big push of new code including architectural changes and new features right near the beginning of the development cycle. If you look at the official M11 release you will see that M12 work had already begun and progressed significantly when the M11 release announcement was made. To sum it all up, the end of the 'M' development cycle usually does not see as much 'new' stuff as the beginning of the next 'M' cycle. The M12 'release' (the last of the nightly M12 builds) will offer superior stability to the early M13 nightlies but the M13 nightlies is where you'll find the newest goodies. posted with Mozilla (an M13 nightly) Asa