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Saturday December 11th, 1999

M12 is right around the corner, and will boast significant improvements in the responsiveness and layout rendering times of the application.

First, Dave Hyatt has checked in some changes which do "memory recycling of all layout frame objects". This recycling seems to be the cause of significant improvements in the responsiveness of the UI. In #mozillazine, I heard "nearly as fast as 4.x" (on a P90 with 16M ram; I think that it's as fast or faster than Communicator 4.x now, at least on my P2-450). Menus and context menus now respond smoothly and quickly, the sidebar expands and contracts quickly (albeit with some bugs, still), and new windows pop up much faster than before. These improvements have been noticable on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, but to different extents. You will just have to try downloading a build for yourself!

Next, Vidur Apparao added changes that allow you to tune the incremental reflow. A number of people complained about how the incremental reflow changes of M11 were a good idea, but they were interfering with UI responsiveness as a page loaded. These tuning options address that problem, but even more improvements are expected after the M12 release. To try out the tuning for yourself, download today's build (December 11), and then follow the instructions on the next page (click "Full Article..." at the end of this news item). These options are only for people who are comfortable editing preference files. If you're not one of those people, these options should be enabled automatically at M12's release, so you'll be able to try it out then.

I would suggest picking up today's build when it's available (December 11), as it should contain a fix for alert-box buttons that you'll want to have. You can get the latest build from our builds page, or the nightly builds directory.

Remember, as always, these builds are not for the casual user. None of the software is guaranteed to do what you expect. MozillaZine makes no guarantees about the stability of these builds. Download at your own risk.

#127 Disallowing anonymous posting isn't moderation

by mozineAdmin

Thursday December 16th, 1999 8:04 AM

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I'd call it remediation. Removing anonymous postings isn't a panacea for people wanting to eliminate criticism -- note the forums on Ain't It Cool News, which also disallows anonymous posting. That wasn't the purpose behind removing anonymous posting. It does tie comments to a specific name, but that hasn't stopped people who have had criticisms (at least not as far as I can tell). One effect it probably *has* had, however, is cutting down the back-and-forth flaming, because people seem to be ignoring the least constructive critics, or at least not responding in kind. If there is any moderation going in, it's occurring only in the heads of forum participants. That's good. It means we might be able to avoid actual moderation down the line.

Removing anon posting virtually eliminates imposters. We've had two imposters in our forums who passed themselves off as well-known people (people who were mentioned in our articles, for example). In one case, one of these people mentioned in an article was *actually* in our forums, and his post was replied to, and an imposter did the followup to the reply. I'd like to avoid that kind of childish crap, if possible, and requiring membership is a simple solution to that problem.

Posted this using Mozilla. This works really well now, but I can't wait for the keybinding fix today. Tabbing between fields will also be handy - hint, hint.