Dev Chat on Open JVM Integration Postponed

Thursday December 9th, 1999

Our planned developer chat, a Q&A on OJI with Ed Burns, has been postponed due to problems with network connections on the east coast. If you're interested in knowing more about OJI and its progress, be sure to stop by's OJI pages. We will be posting a new chat schedule soon, and this chat will be rescheduled then.

Also, our XPCOM chat with Suresh Duddi and Scott Collins from last week has been rescheduled for next Friday, December 17th, at 3:00pm PST.

#5 Re: thoughts

by FrodoB

Friday December 10th, 1999 8:20 AM

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>2) will mozilla's javascript implementation be rhino (javascript in java)? and ditto for ns v5? if not, how tightly will the two be integrated?

I can tell you right now that's not the case. Jazilla (which is moving to, because of server failures) uses Rhino for Javascript, but Rhino is Javascript in Java; that means it's probably a tad slow for use in a rendering engine that actually displays the entire app. It's a darn good package; it's probably just not quite fast enough (it's great for pure Java stuff, but combined with C++ stuff it might seem odd).