Bidirectional Text in Mozilla

Wednesday December 8th, 1999

IBM has announced that they are fronting an effort to get bidirectional text into Mozilla, and along the way dealing with issues such as Arabic glyph-shaping. They are currently working on some docs that will be posted in the newsgroups soon. In the meantime, you can read the announcement.

#2 "Typesetting" in Mozilla

by KlausM

Thursday December 9th, 1999 1:39 AM

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This reminds me of two things I am missing in the current builds:

- Support for Adobe Type Manager in the Windows builds (I don't know what the status of the Mac builds is). I am wondering whether I should open a bug report for it...

- Support for downloadable fonts. It is a nice feature of NS4 - I used it e.g. to use our corporate font on our homepage or to display the euro sign, although the TrueDoc fonts do have some nasty bugs/drawbacks. Well, it's not Mozilla's fault that there doesn't exist a standard for this until now.