Bidirectional Text in Mozilla

Wednesday December 8th, 1999

IBM has announced that they are fronting an effort to get bidirectional text into Mozilla, and along the way dealing with issues such as Arabic glyph-shaping. They are currently working on some docs that will be posted in the newsgroups soon. In the meantime, you can read the announcement.

#13 TrueDoc

by KlausM

Friday December 10th, 1999 4:41 PM

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No, I didn't mean that _TrueDoc_ should be included in Mozilla/Communicator. You are right, TrueDoc in NS4 is slow, has encoding problems on Mac, does not work well with <b>/<i>/CSS etc. But maybe Bitstream has built a better version in the meantime. As it is propritary code, it will never make it into Mozilla. Having an open interface in GFX would be great. There is a project called FreeType (<>). The group develops a portable font renderer (currently TrueType, I think they also plan to support Type1), which could be a good code base for Mozilla. Unfortunately, there are some patent problems enventually (see on their web site). In addition, having a font renderer is only half of the thing. Fonts are either of high quality, expensive and not distributable or of low quality and free.

I am a bit disappointed that the big type foundaries - Adobe, Agfa, Bitstream, Linotype, ITC, etc.- are obviously not interested in bringing fonts to the web. There are no visible advances. Even the corresponding working group at the W3C, which is AFAIK responsible for the font description part in CSS2, seems to have disappeared from W3C's site.