New: DOM Scripting WebRing

Tuesday December 7th, 1999

Mitch Gould writes, "The DOM Scripting WebRing is a hub for the next generation of Web design. This is a call for web links, going out especially to the javascripters working with cross-browser programming of the DOM in the version-5 browsers from Microsoft and Netscape."

It will also be useful in bridging the gap from the proprietary DOM implementations of the past to the new standards-compliant browsers of the future.

#3 Re: Next generation? Gods, I hope not

by gerbilpower <>

Wednesday December 8th, 1999 12:16 PM

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Well you're not bitching, your points are valid. I had to deal with this issue myself.

I remember one site I liked visit had some incredible graphics, but he extensively used Java to decorate each page of his site. This made his site very slow, especially since I was on my older computer, and a pain in the ass.

And another time I convinced another webmaster from using this new and over-elaborate and interactive navigation scheme for his site. Those little mouse-over tricks are neat, but his idea went WAY beyond that with Javascript and Java just for simple navigation.

A little bit of show is not a bad thing at all, just as long as it's not excessive.