Angus Davis Video on TechNetCast!

Tuesday September 29th, 1998

Jason Kersey, regular contributor to mozillaZine, writes in with this really interesting news, that you should all check out. Jason writes, "Angus Davis has an interview at".

This is a very informative presentation, so please check it out if you have the time. BTW, Angus Davis is the Product Manager for NGLayout, the Next Generation layout engine.

Note: Very cool! I'm watching the presentation as I'm typing this, and Angus is demonstrating transclusion, or XML linking, which allows linked in content! WooHoo!

Note 2: He mentioned me in his presentation! I'm gonna faint! :)

#2 Re:Angus Davis Video on TechNetCast!

by Steve Parkinson

Tuesday September 29th, 1998 8:00 PM

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I'm sure Angus very much appreciates your comments about his youthful looks, but you obviously didn't watch much more than the first part of the presentation, because after the minute, he doesn't um or ah hardly at all. It's an exciting presentation about all the cool stuff that's coming post-HTML