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The Week In Review

by CHRIS NELSON | The week in review for September 21st to September 25th, 1998.

The Aurora coders have completely implemented the new HTML Pane feature which will allow for an embedded HTML view inside Tree Objects.

The RDF Tree Object mentioned above, which is used in such things as the Bookmarks and History views, will soon be reflected in Javscript so that you can actively divine which nodes are active, etc.

NGLayout now builds and displays pages on Mac systems. Much more has happened in NGLayout. Read our separate coverage of NGLayout's status for a more in-depth look.

The Mac coders are almost through moving over to Code Warrior 4. Mozilla and NGLayout build on the new system, and the changes should land around Tuesday next week.

Composer is going through bug fixes, and the embedded editor is coming along. This will allow for the placement of the HTML editor inside HTML views (allowing for such things as the new SmartMail functionality currently being worked on).

Mozilla now builds on QT, giving coverage now over the three major Unix FEs.

The MailCompose window is nearing completion and was in briefly, but had to be backed out until some fixes were made. Expect it shortly.

SmartUpdate is undergoing a transformation from Java to C code.

Mike Shaver is moving. Many people miss him.


Stay tuned throughout the week for more Mozilla news!


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