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Developer Chat Schedule

Developer Chat Schedule through December 10, 1999

Chris Waterson, Robert Churchill, Dave Hyatt
XUL & RDF - Introductory Chat (focus on capabilities and future directions)
Tuesday October 19, 3:00PM PDT

Rick Gessner
NGLayout - Gecko's future (beta, release, and beyond)
Friday October 22, 3:00PM PDT

Mike Pinkerton
Mozilla and Mac - News, issues, and the Mozilla in the Mac user-experience
Friday October 29, 3:00PM PDT

Alec Flett
Mail/News - New functionality
Wednesday November 3, 1:00PM PST

Mike Shaver/Dan Mosedale
Mozilla - Mozilla status, advocacy, and Mozilla in the press
Friday November 12, 3:00PM PST

Dave Hyatt
XUL - status update, answers to specific questions about XUL and how to use it.
Tuesday November 23, 3:00PM PST

Suresh Duddi, Scott Collins
Friday December 3, 3:00PM PST

Ed Burns
OJI (Open JVM Integration) Q&A
Friday, December 10m 3:00PM PST

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