Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 30th January 2006

Present: dria, polvi, bc, beltzner, coop, gerv, josh, shaver, dmose, mconnor, justdave, mitchell, jesse, mscott, bienvenu, chofmann, cbeard, graydon, justin, karen, schrep, davel, preed, robert strong, timr, blake, pav, mitchell, brendan, john lilly, jonas, vlad, asa, myk, jay, chase, aravind, marcia, dan (recruiter), scc, dveditz.


  • 32 locales, and 2 more we hope to get in soon
  • No open issues
  • Testing now
  • In good shape
  • Next on deck is and 1.0.8
  • Full schedules coming out soon
  • schrep looking for managers for the or releases
  • email him if you are interested

Firefox 2 and 3

  • Automated branch syncing and merging mechanism between 2 and 3
  • Need to sync up by hand before we can turn this on
  • Only for the browser/ subtree and various other specific places
  • Perhaps also the l10n repository for the browser/ directory
  • See devnews posting or post


  • There's also an update on deck; need to work out a schedule
  • Not sure whether it'll match up with Firefox


  • Initial release in next couple of days (
  • Labelled as a stable developer preview


  • chase last day on February 7th
  • Goodbye lunch next Tuesday for those local to MV


  • Driving development of a 2006 marketing plan
  • 200 entries for the extension contest
  • Getting ready to send them off to the judges
  • Firefox Flicks goes from strength to strength
  • Check out
  • Keep getting deals and enhancing the prize package
  • Asa promoting at an indie film festival at SF
  • Only 5 or 6 entries so far, but 40-50 groups or people working
  • Launched Firefox Flicks Backstage weblog


  • Localisers meeting at FOSDEM announced, with travel funding

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