Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 16th January 2006


  • Welcome graydon
  • Doing memory leak stuff, and JS futures for Gecko 1.9
  • Been working on monotone


  • code freeze tomorrow night
  • Scheduled for the end of this month
  • Hoping to do these every two months
  • Focus on security and minor polish fixes
  • Firefox 2 on 1.8.1 platform
  • Firefox 3 on 1.9 platform


  • Targetting Wednesday of this week for Thunderbird 1.5
  • Supported with a press release


  • Paul Kim, John Lilly and Chris Beard visiting Mozilla Japan next week
  • Asian market might be a good focus for next year

Firefox Flicks

  • Big outreach this week to university professors and students
  • New weblog and mailing list
  • Already got a couple of entries in
  • Hoping to get notification of what people are working on

Extend Firefox

  • Ended last Friday
  • Over 200 submissions
  • Contest information is on the Wiki
  • Half are new, half are upgrades
  • Extensions are being tested this week before handing off to judges.


  • Frank is attending the GPLv3 conference in Boston [Editor's note: actually, Frank didn't make it]


  • Delays in review for extensions on
  • Perhaps having a new review-fest

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