Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 4th January 2006

Attending remotely: shaver, bc, dria, vlad, stuart, bienvenu, dmose, justdave, josh, bsmedberg, blizzard, polvi, mrbkap, axel, hecker.

Engineering Status

  • 1.5 update coming
  • Memory leaks a specific concern, plus usual security + stability fixes
  • Freeze next week, release end of Jan
  • Backlog of security issues we need to address
  • Big year, with Fx 2 and Fx 3 both underway
  • Fx2 first alpha in Feb, likely
  • 1.0.8 will have to go out, likely out between and
  • 1.0.x branch supported for 6 months from Nov release of 1.5


  • Launched the second half of Firefox Flicks, targeting people with video experience, etc.
  • Web site up, press cycle started, outreach
  • Asa: setting up forum for collaborators, will watch it as one gauge of progress.
  • Asa: also school outreach
  • Should have first sense of progress at the end of Jan
  • Web updates this month: Thunderbird launch and reorg to account for


  • Foundation sponsoring Joey Minta to attend CalConnect meeting this month


  • 1.5 out the door next week
  • rc2 out just before holidays, feedback positive, full steam ahead

Online Software Testing Course

  • DaveL knows of an online software testing course
  • It uses Mozilla as it is
  • Would like to see some involvement from corp, also looking to spend some of his time on it
  • Looking for feedback on online courses and "facilitated groups"

1.9 Roadmap

  • shaver is going to be coming to people looking for detail on work items required
  • cairo, XULRunner data largely there

Firefox 2 Process

  • The wiki is the working document, it'll be refined as we go
  • Fx2a1 will not be feature complete
  • We are managing branch co-development by having a document and some tools; we are working on more (server-side) tools


  • dmose is going to land calendar stuff on the branch, not part of the build, using cross-commit tools

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