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Building The IRC Client


To build and run the client on Unix...

cd mozilla/extensions
cvs up -d
make makefiles DIR=irc   (ignore the errors)
cd irc
cd ../../dist/bin
./ resource:///irc/tests/test2.html

Makefiles for Windows are in the works. Mac Makefiles still need a volunteer.

Some of the ideas discussed so far include...

HTMLized chat message support

Includes the ability to send messages marked up in HTML over some out-of-band communication channel, such as a parallel channel (#mozilla and #mozilla-html) or a parallel IRC server.

Per-Channel "Topic" style support,

Includes the ability to push CSS styles to clients, in order to affect the appearance of the channel. Possibly through a bot on the channel, or through the topic, This could include a default background image, text styles (even per-user styles) and possibly non-CSS data such as a list of URLs. User's could presumably alter the "topic" style similar to the way the existing channel topic is changed.

Please feel free to contribute ideas (hopefully in a new thread) and code (send diffs!) to the project. I will be updating the Mozilla realtime-messaging webpage shortly.

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