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The Week in Review!

by CHRIS NELSON | Much has happened this week in the life of Mozilla, but a lot of it has been going on behind the scenes - much coding and bugfixing has been happening that hasn't been headline producing. Many coders are currently switching back and forth between 4.5PR2 coding and bugfixing and the Mozilla project.

So, what has happened? I got updates from a number of module owners when compiling the status update page for Read on to find out more.

The Aurora code (which has been integrated into the standard toolbars in the current builds) is going through heavy bugfixing and user testing. Work is also continuing on the toolbar configurability features which showed up briefly in builds over the past few weeks.

The current layout engine is being configured to pull style information from the new Document Object Model tree, which should hopefully help with some of the inheritance bugs in CSS that some designers have been noticing. Also, the table code has moved to a new content model, and undergone some fixes.

The Javascript console may soon be merged from the Communicator 4.x code.

A first complete set of Unix builds will be done this weekend, and some build and configuration problems are going to be addressed.

Communicator 4.5 preferences and profile management will soon be brought into the world of Mozilla. Plans are still being made, but we can expect something soon.

Colorsync integration is about to undergo testing in the ImgLib module. Intel is working with coders to fix a bug that cropped up on MMX-enabled machines.

HTTP compression tops the list of performance enhancements integrated over the past week. Work on a "smooth progress bar" is continuing, and instrumentation code (for timing events inside Mozilla) has been added to current builds. Click here to find out more.

The Mac coders are currently moving to version 4 of CodeWarrior.

The OJI project, which will allow for pluggable Java Virtual Machines in Mozilla, is nearing completion, with the coders working with Sun and Apple to iron out incompatibilities between Java and Javascript security implementations.

Also, in Mozilla porting news, the GTK/GNOME port now builds successfully without too much hassle. Find out more in our interview with Christopher Blizzard.

There are some cool things yet to come in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to mozillaZine for the latest news!


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