Deer Park Alpha 2 Candidate Builds Available

We now have a round of builds that are very close to what we will shortly release as Deer Park Alpha 2.

These candidate builds are now available for testing for each of Windows, Mac and Linux — with l10n builds to follow shortly. Please note that for our alpha releases there are feature and polish issues that have not yet been completely worked out. We release these milestones to get the core code out to our community to test out major Gecko and platform changes as soon as possible. If these test out well, we'll be shipping Deer Park Alpha 2 shortly.

This will be second alpha in the Deer Park product development cycle and will include all major and significant features, whether pref'd on or off in order to achieve wider testing and to solicit quality feedback. The quality standard for this release is pre-production and therefore it should be of the quality required to support testing, and for Extension, theme and web application developers to begin compatibility and feature testing in advance of Firefox 1.1. It may break some but not all 1.0+ targeted Extensions. It should not contain any significant and known crashers.

Please download these builds and let us know of any significant issues which should stop this release. In particular, please ensure that these builds work for you to access all major web sites and services that you use regularly, e.g. e-mail, e-commerce, banking, etc.

The new software update engine has been incorporated into these builds but it presently off by default as we put together and coordinate test plans. Details to be posted here shortly.

Also, after a round of successful testing and debugging during the first Deer Park alpha, we're enabling the Fastback feature. With this feature enabled where before the browser needed to re-render each page from a local cache of documents, now you will see a dramatic speed improvement when you click the back and forward buttons to navigate between recently viewed web pages.

If you find issues, please post them here.

Before filing bugs in Bugzilla, try to check to see first if a bug has been filed. (Note: There is a link of the main Bugzilla page called "Hot Bugs" which references the most frequently filed bugs).

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