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M8 Released!

by MOZINEADMIN | Here is a partial, thrown-together list of new and interesting M8 functionality:

  • My.Netscape works
  • From Chris Hofmann:

    Lots of work around startup. Startup time is about 1/3 of the previous releases and a few of the remaining crash on start up bugs were squished.

    First launch startup remains a bit longer until some of the initialization and set up code can be moved to a formal install program.

  • From David Bienvenu of the Mail/News team:

    New in M8:

    • Send Later functional
    • Send Unsent Messages Functional
    • Copying messages to "Sent" folder working
    • Real data in address book and much progress on the address book UI

    There's more, but I'm still waiting for responses to trickle in. We've been spending time getting ready for the Necko landing and a lot of things are half-done in m8.

  • From Chris Blizzard:

    If you feel like reconfiguring the source tarball with --enable-toolkit=xlib and building it then you can get an xlib mozilla that's about 70% functional.

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