Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 18th April 2005

Present: blizzard, gerv, marcia, myk, chofmann, bienvenu, asa, hecker, deb, justdave.

Firefox 1.0.3

  • Done — localisations coming in, being certified and pushed
  • Asa to check with Chase and do policy review on ones new to this cycle
  • Small bug in some DHTML caused by a security fix to XPConnect; possibly get fix for 1.0.4 if we do one.

Thunderbird 1.0.3

  • Somewhat certain that we are not not doing another release until we get issues of significant risk, but decision open to review
  • Users have to actively turn on JS to put themselves at risk

Firefox 1.1/Thunderbird 1.1

  • Frozen on trunk
  • Trying to target developers with this, so getting relevant patches in
  • Canvas is in, using Cairo
  • Migrate security fixes from 1.0.3
  • Ship Thunderbird preview after Firefox preview

Volunteer Awards

  • No progress

Proposed CA certificate policy

  • Need Mitchell to discuss this

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