Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 11th April 2005

Present: asa, brendan, mitchell, marcia, dmose, chase, blizzard, josh, myk, hecker, bienvenu, bsmedberg, deb, dbaron, jst, chofmann, mscott, gerv, justdave.

Firefox 1.0.3

  • Almost done; more testing required
  • Will do a full run of Basic Functional Tests, which takes a couple of days

Mozilla Suite 1.7.7

  • Planned to be released at the same time as 1.0.3

Thunderbird 1.0.3

  • Need to discuss whether to release
  • It's definitely lower priority, as JS is off by default

Firefox 1.1/Thunderbird 1.1

  • Trunk is frozen for Gecko 1.8b2
  • Doing Firefox and Thunderbird developer preview release
  • Currently building up list of requirements for developers
  • Plan is to be frozen until we branch, so no massive hurry

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