Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 4th April 2005

Present: bienvenu, josh, hecker, gerv, marcia, mscott, mitchell, brendan, cbeard, myk, jay, rafael, dbaron, sarah, asa, chase, chofmann, justdave.

Firefox 1.0.3

  • Process started on Friday
  • Two issues found; we had to respin for one of them
  • Bryner fixed the Add/Remove Programs uninstall issue
  • Found a regression Friday; more respins Saturday
  • Trimmed down jst's drag-and-drop patch to avoid regressions
  • More respins to come this afternoon, for more community testing
  • With good feedback, tomorrow evening

Mozilla Suite 1.7.7

  • Tied in with Firefox 1.0.3 process

Thunderbird 1.0.3

  • No 1.0.3 because security issues are in JS which is not enabled by default
  • No l10n in CVS so much harder work to do Thunderbird releases

Firefox/Thunderbird 1.1

  • Freeze tomorrow night at midnight for 1.1 alpha (FF and TB) == Gecko 1.8b2 (need to sort out naming)
  • Want to ship in a week to ten days
  • Need to get the messaging right; don't upgrade to this from 1.0
  • Beta five weeks after that
  • We have tinderboxen for all 34 Firefox source localisations.
  • 31 build, 3 are broken.
  • Thunderbird source l10n should be working by second beta

Seamonkey Transition

  • They want to do a release around the same time as FF 1.1 alpha
  • Seamonkey 1.0 alpha will be a trunk release, not a branch release

New Newsgroups

  • Gerv to do another request for volunteers

Visit to OSU

  • Chase and Dave visited OSU last week
  • Met with the LUG on Friday evening for two and a half hours
  • Dave talked about Bugzilla
  • Chase talked about the release process for 1.0.3


  • Next big project for SpreadFirefox launches tomorrow night
  • Relaunch of download counter
  • Lots of ancillary tools — feeds, blog plugins etc.

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