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The Gecko BugAThon 300 Starts!

by ERIC KROCK | A call for volunteers: a quick check in Bugzilla shows that Tom Pixley, Chris Karnaze, Kipp Hickman, and Eric Pollman currently have 371 open bugs between them, of which 300 have blank status entries and need to be decomposed to a simple test case. Collectively, they are The Most Doomed of the Doomed.

So don't just stand there--with engineers bleeding by the side of the road to shipping Gecko, are you going to be the Philistine or the Good Samaritan?

You can help. Simplifying bug reports to the simplest possible test case doesn't take too long per bug, but when you've got this many bugs, it really adds up. And every hour they spend decomposing bug reports is an hour they can't spend on FIXING bugs. The fewer bugs they fix, the more we'll ship!

So, in the spirit of public television telethons, here's the deal: if you sign up and decompose to a simple test case the listed number of bugs to the owner's satisfaction by July 26th, you will earn the listed valuable reward:

5 bugs - invitation to the Gecko launch party
10 bugs - the invitation, plus an attractive Gecko stuffed animal
12 bugs - the invitation, plus an attractive Gecko stuffed animal autographed by Rick Gessner, the Father of Gecko
15 bugs - the invitation, plus a Gecko T-shirt
17 bugs - the invitation, plus a Gecko T-shirt signed by the grateful engineer
20 bugs - the invitation, plus a Gecko T-shirt signed by the whole raptor team

To claim your bugs: choose one of the open bugs from the search URLs below and enter [MAKINGTEST] and your email address in the "Status Whiteboard" field so others know you've claimed it and effort isn't duplicated.

Please only claim five bugs at a time and decompose those five bugs to test cases before you claim the next five. This is to prevent people from signing up from 20 bugs, procrastinating, and then dropping out of the BugAThon at the last minute, which would prevent others from claiming the bugs and the prizes.

The fine print:

1) bugs resolved as DUPs, WORKSFORME, and INVALID instead of as valid with a simplified test case only score as half a bug each.

Example: 10 valid bugs with test cases plus 4 WORKSFORME count as 12 "finished" bugs and earn you an autographed stuffed animal.

2) If a testcase already exists as an attachment or is referenced within the notes and you verify that it's definitive and can't be simplified further, that counts.

3) If you get all the way up to the group-signed T-Shirt, you *can* qualify for a stuffed animal as well by doing 12 more.

To qualify as a finished bug, the bug must be completed with:

a) an attached simplest-as-possible test case

b) the summary line updated if necessary

c) a status message reading [TESTCASE] plus a statement of what needs to be fixed to the extent you can explain it

d) the description written up in accordance with the mozilla bug writing guidelines

e) the engineer's verbal agreement to me (when the prize is claimed) that it's been decomposed satisfactorily

When you're ready to claim your bounty for squashing your bugs, email ekrock with:

i) your name

ii) your physical mailing address

iii) your list of finished bugs

iv) your score (iv modified for DUPs/WORKSFORME/INVALID)

v) the reward(s) you're claiming

vi) your T-shirt size if claiming a T-shirt

So it's a race! The easiest bugs will go first, so act now to claim and crush YOUR bugs. Ladies and gentlemen, start your browsers!!!



You can go to and enter these search parameters:

Status: NEW or ASSIGNED or REOPENED [select all 3]

Email: karnaze [Assigned To]

Status whiteboard: ^s*$ [regular expression]

[Substitute joki, pollman, or kipp for karnaze to find Tom Pixley, Eric Pollman, or Kipp Hickman's bugs.]

The resulting search URLs for those queries have been spread across multiple lines here to comply with newsgroup line length limitations. If you don't have an HTML-capable newsgroup reader and can't use the engineer's name as a link, you'll need to copy and paste the URLs line by line into the browser location bar. [I have made these clickable - CN].

Open bugs with a blank status field:

Tom Pixley: 104.

Chris Karnaze: 69

Eric Pollman: 63

Kipp Hickman: 64

A categorized list of remaining open karnaze bugs on
Sunday June 27th at 7:00 p.m.:

4093 simple table ends up too wide
4927 [PP]1px image does not stretch inside table cell - Linux

5244 Misaligned pictures
5396 Images layout incorrectly
3016 [PP] 99020415: Incorrect layout in image
3943 Two images overlapping

4481 Form rendering problems
4527 form elements layout poorly in this table
4391 Lays out content/form fields too far down page
1240 many form elements do not show up on this page correctly, or

6724 Frames
5610 Inaccurate rendering of pixel sized frames
7453 Problem with frames

3182 IFRAME Box Model
3625 iframe align attribute not honored
4198 iframe height percent not drawn at proper percent
4849 iframe takes too much space, table content is pushed out of

table layout
2684 [4.xP]1/26: Text in table displayed in two lines
2973 [4.xP]Extra Whitespace between table top of table and cell
1289 Abs. positioining of DIV in a table increases table height
3191 table column is truncated in build 02.19.99
1431 This tables page leaks content
1825 Right-aligned table cell on this page doesn't layout properl
2436 Table border problems
2479 Implied CSS table elements cause things to disappear
5557 tables display like
for each data ite
4325 display:table-cell on HEAD and BODY not very successful
7379 <td align=right> causing unneeded <br>
2956 Images misaligned between table rows
4385 Table cell from is horizontally elongated in Gec
4803 Text overflows within table, column border elongated
3681 Table column widths not properly calculated when reset
5946 [4.xP] Incorrectly displaying table layout
5169 Wrong TD positioning ( empty space added )
5216 table's 2nd column displayed under 1st one
4576 RHS of tables chopped off/closed out
4926 second <tr> overlaps image in first <tr>
4574 Table problem with images with specified widths
4809 [PP]windows only: IMG height wrong in table - Win98
5197 table problem with specified widths truncating images
7941 Cell border colors wrong
7158 Table will not scale to fit regardless of resizing
5188 layout "morphs" from good to bad; very odd
6388 [PP]COLGROUP attribute/value 'width=rel' not working properl
7349 Table alignment problems
7433 Layout problems with center column in this table.
3000 collapsing border model table margins
8032 page testing table display types crashes viewer and apprunne
2947 display problem related to sizing nested tables
5198 Tables do not align properly
2024 horizontal line across table from missing image
3733 TR ALIGN's aren't passed on to cells in the row
3094 Layout problem with filled table cells
2954 Last image in this table row doesn't fit in table row (drawn

table other
7522 Starting drag on URL dynamically resizes table cells


3409 [PP]Layout doesn't use available space
7342 layout of search area wrong
7112 Text not being centered properly
2886 vertical alignment problems with top and bottom padding and
1163 The bordercolor tag is not being supported
2904 Text drawn over images in adjacent table cell
5537 article list is drawn at bottom of page, not right
5251 Horizontal lines when resizing width of apprunner.
6731 Text is left justified
6954 Mozilla'a left index column sometimes cut off
7634's "View Results" link reloads same page instead of p


Disclaimers: Conditions subject to change without notice. Rewards
subject to substitution with goods of equal or greater value. All
decisions are final. This is not an official contest. It is not sponsored
by, Netscape Communications, or America Online; it is
an incentive program to recognize Internet volunteers which is being
run by Rick Gessner and Eric Krock directly.

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