Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 21st March 2005

Present: justdave, dria, sarah, asa, chofmann, chase, cbeard, dbaron, raphael, jst, myk, chase, dveditz, scc, gerv, marcia, brendan.


  • Asa to make one more pass through the newsgroups — nothing has turned up
  • Should be all done by end of day tomorrow
  • Could do Seamonkey and Thunderbird sooner perhaps today
  • Let dveditz know when the security page is ready to be pushed
  • The Plan: Ship Firefox Tuesday night, release Wednesday morning
  • Work on Shipping Seamonkey and Thunderbird today


  • Discussion about direction and plans taking place on various mailing lists
  • using Wiki as primary documentation system
  • MediaWiki set up for English, working on other languages
  • talking to bclary about what parts of DevEdge are still valuable
  • Migrating still-valuable DevEdge content to the new wiki
  • Need to know what to do with the DevEdge Sidebar Tool stuff
  • All DevMo-related project documents are linked off deb's user page on (User:Dria)
  • feedback is appreciated
  • We are theming the wiki (cbeard)



  • bsmedberg will be here today and tomorrow
  • scc to be out in CA in May


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