Mozilla 1.7 and Aviary 1.0 Checkins Further Restricted

Looking back over the Mozilla 1.7.6 release and the Firefox & Thunderbird 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 releases, drivers have concluded that we took too many changes into those security releases. That caused both a slowdown in the release time line and extra Build and QA pain. Taking into consideration the importance of rapid response to security issues as well as making the QA and build & release process go smoother, we plan to be considerably more restrictive in granting approvals for changes to these branches for for future security releases. If we can stick to this plan, then we'll be able to ship our security updates considerably faster and with less pain than in the past.

You can help by only nominating bugs for blocking1.7.7 and aviary1.0.3 if they have critical security implications and only requesting approval for bugs which have been designated as important security issues by the security team. I've adjusted these flags so that anyone can set requests but if we gets overwhelmed with non-security issues, the nomination flags will probably be restricted to the security and drivers groups.

If you've got a patch that isn't security related and which you believe is an absolute must-have on the Mozilla 1.7 and Aviary 1.0 branches, please contact with a detailed explanation of the need for the change, what the patch does, what kind of risk it introduces, and any testing that's been done.


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