Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 14th March 2005

Present: chase, mscott, cbeard, asa, chofmann, sarah, dbaron, raphael, justdave, myk, dan veditz, jst, deb, gerv, marcia.

Mozilla 1.8b2

  • 1.8beta2 will be a Aviary release; in an alpha state
  • Firefox 1.1 technology preview, based on Gecko 1.8 beta 2
  • Plan is to announce the update to the roadmap today.

Security updates

  • Looking at doing Mozilla Suite 1.7.6, Tbird 1.0.2 and FF 1.0.2

Firefox/Thunderbird 1.1

  • Need to dig through the rest of the nominations in order to get a 1.1 full list of things to be done

Seamonkey Transition

  • Asa spent a chunk a time on IRC with the emerging leadership and will continue to act as liason
  • Work out how to leverage each other, that is going well
  • Core team there is all satisifed and happy with the current arrangement
  • Which future Firefox branches are going to be the long-lived ones?
  • We haven't had that discussion yet

Volunteer Awards

  • Asa's done research on previous awards (2nd anniversary)
  • Both categories and nominations will be community efforts
  • Announce category nomination process next week

Trademark enforcement

Mozilla China

  • Launched last week
  • Chinese guy now at Sun, used to be a Java security person (Li Gong)
  • Not a legal organisation, but an organisation affiliated with an institution (much easier to set up)
  • Affiliated with Chinese Academy of Sciences (home of Red Flag Linux)
  • 3 people — Red Flag guy, Mitchell, Li Gong
  • Official site:


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