Independent Status Reports (14 March, 2005)

Seamonkey is dead, long live Seamonkey. As the Mozilla Foundation officially stops development on the Mozilla Suite, a new external group has formed to take over the running of the project. This is another example of the Mozilla Community stepping up and playing a valuable role. Some people like the idea of a separate browser, mail client, editor, and so on. Some like integration, so let's hope Seamonkey survives and thrives in some form, as they can certainly live in parallel. Extension authors will continue to busily do their thing, creating great little add-ons and larger programs based on Mozilla technologies. As this month's reports shows, there is still alot of activity. currently has over 250 active projects and this number is rising.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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chatnsearch — v0.1

(Enables you to chat with people searching/surfing similar pages)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Firefox extension to chat with others surfing/searching for similar content on the web. Initial version (0.1) available.

Notable Highlights

  • Lighweight download
  • Anonymous login

YellowMapBar — v0.4

(Toolbar for YellowMap [for Germany, Austria and Switzerland])

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

First public release of YellowMapBar (in German).

Find Points of Interest (with Map) near you easily with YellowMap in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

galician — v0.1

(en galego / Localisation Resources for the Galician language)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

The Galician translation team of Mozilla


  • We began a project to translate Mozilla and family to Galician language
  • Get in touch with us with the Galician list

SpurlBar — v0.33

(Sidepanel extension for service)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: All

Some bugfixes, added spurl management shortcuts.

Notable Highlights

  • Major bugfix for Hungarian translation .dtd file.
  • Fixes for new spurl changes on sidebar URL.
  • Increased right-click link detection, now it see only spurls as links.
  • Exclusive: Adds 'Modify this spurl', 'Delete this spurl' and 'Copy this spurl' context menu items to sidebar that enable users to directly modify/delete/copy spurls.
  • Exclusive: Now clicking on links with Ctrl on sidebar opens URL and closes sidebar.

PasswordMaker — 0.2

(Why remember or store dozens of passwords when there's PasswordMaker?)

  • For: Firefox, Mozilla
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Why remember dozens of passwords when there's PasswordMaker? Now you only need to remember a "master" password, but you can generate the same, unique password for any website over and over again using any of 7 hash algorithms and 9 different levels of l33t speak. For added security, nothing is stored anywhere or sent over the internet. There's even an on-line version for when you don't have access to Firefox.

v0.2, a complete re-write of v0.1, was released on February 28.

Notable Highlights

  • Nine different levels of l33t speak (or none at all) can be applied before, after, or before & after password generation.
  • Extension is now a non-modal dialog box instead of a toolbar, saving precious screen real-estate.
  • Extension is available via global access key Control-Tick (Ctrl-`) or Command-Tick on OS X.
  • Hashed passwords are calculated in real-time as user enters input; there is no longer a generate button.
  • All user-entered values, except master password, are automatically persisted between executions of Firefox and instantiations of PasswordMaker.
  • Master password persistance is off by default (for added security), but can be turned on if desired. If turned on, the password is stored locally using AES (Rijndael) encryption.
  • Added MD4, HMAC-MD4, HMAC-MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and RIPE-160 hash algorithms, as well as a None option for viewing passwords unencrypted.
  • Added 4 checkboxes for automatically selecting parts of the current URL (protocol, subdomains(s), domain, and port/path/anchor/query parameters.
  • Removed restriction on maximum length of master password.
  • Added v0.1 compatibility mode checkbox that allows the user to turn on/off the concatenation of a colon between the master password and the URL. v0.1 added a colon by default without informing the user, making it impossible to re-create encyrpted passwords with other MD5 implementations.
  • Added Copy Password To Clipboard button
  • For added security, added the option for auto-clearing the clipboard after n seconds.
  • Added Help button and associated help screen.
  • Updated on-line version to match the extension, for use when you don't have access to the extension.
  • Moved site to mozdev.

Proxybutton — 0.1.5

(Toolbar button to switch proxy on and off)

  • For: Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Thunderbird and skins support was added.

The Proxybutton extension gives you a single button that you may place on your toolbar and use whenever you need to turn proxy on and off quickly. This extension is available for Firefox 0.9-1.0+ and Thunderbird 1.0.

Flashblock —

(Blocks Flash content from showing on webpages)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, K-Meleon
  • Platform: All

Version fixes several serious regressions and now does a better job of blocking Flash and rreduces the possiblilty of triggering Gecko reflow/crash bugs.

Recent Changes:

  • Fixes a bug that let through several Flash objects previously blocked.
  • Workaround to avoid triggering Gecko reflow bugs that cause the browser to crash.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

  • Site whitelisting.
  • All strings localised and multiple locales and languages now supported.
  • Improved compatibility with other extensions (e.g. TextZoom, ForecastFox).

telugutoolbar — v1.1

(Type in Telugu)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: All

V1.1 has been released on March 07 2005.

Notable Highlights

  • Type Telugu numbers using ~0,~1,~2 etc.
  • Bug fix for Visargha(@h).
  • Bug fix for End key changing the typing mode.

biobar — v1.3

(Toolbar project for bioinformatics and biology)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: All platforms

Version 1.3 is a significant improvement in the functionality and codebase for this project. Most of the code was written from scratch. It is now possible to edit, add or remove search databases, search multiple sources simultaneously, add/remove custom links etc. Please see webpage for more information.

Notable Highlights

  • XML-based database list for easy maintenance
  • Dynamic update mechanism for BioCyc
  • Add/Edit Custom Links in Main Menu
  • Tab preference for search results
  • Search groups of database simultaneously
  • Now supports 38 biological databases
  • Users can add/edit/modify existing search terms by editing XML database file

TrustBar — v0.3.1

(Secure display of logos, credentials prevent spoofing/phishing)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

TrustBar helps users identify protected web sites, and in particular displays logo/name of the CA (organization which identified the site owner). This protects users from phishing and spoofing attacks, including the recent IDN/homographic attacks. New release supports Firefox (as well as Mozilla); fixed minor bugs reported by users.

WebmailCompose — 0.6

(Make email links load your webmail's compose page)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: All

Adds webmail functionality to all email options, makes mailto: links load your webmail's compose page, and adds a Compose link to the context menu. Currently supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Netscape, OperaMail,, Horde, Squirrel, and one user-customizable entry.

Notable Highlights

  • Improved Mac OS support
  • Bug fixes
  • Gmail redirect fix

easyGestures — v 3.0

(Adds UI with mouse gestures and customizable actions)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

This is a new major release.

What's new...

  • Optional contextual behavior
  • Improved script capabilites
  • New behaviors
  • New actions
  • Bug fixes

modifyheaders — v0.2

(Add, Modify and Filter out any HTTP request headers)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

This month sees the first public release of modifyheaders. This extension is aimed at developers who need to be able to add and modify HTTP request headers when developing and testing applications.

Main features

  • Add, modify or filter HTTP request headers.
  • Maintain a list of headers that can easily be enabled or disabled as required.

Please report bugs to:

XHTMLMP — v0.2

(Extension for rendering XHTML Mobile Profile content)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

This is the first public release of XHTMLMP. This extension provides support for the content type application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml.

Browse Images — 0.2

(Browses all images linked from a page)

  • For: Firefox 0.10 — 1.0+
  • Platform: all

The 0.2 milestone was released with a lot of new features:

Notable Highlights

  • Going to the next image with forward mouse button like in Opera
  • When only an image is displayed, it is now centered and not in the top left corner
  • Works now with tabs and frames
  • Next Image and Previous Image entries in the forward and back button dropdown list
  • You can change the number of entries in these lists
  • Bug 285647 is fixed ;)
  • An options menu to customize the Browse Images and activating and deactiviting the most features
  • You can deactivate the AutoScan to save resources

Maple — 0.4.27

(Bookmark manager for Firefox)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

First beta version released.

Notable Highlights

  • Stores your bookmarks online
  • Advanced search engine for bookmarks
  • Supports tagging

Padma — v0.2.4

(A Transformer for Telugu Text from RTS To Unicode)

  • For: Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Release 0.2.4 adds support for Thunderbird.

MAF — 0.5.0

(Mozilla Archive Format)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux

Fixed a number of Unicode bugs and MHTML decoding bugs. Improved browser integration.

Notable Highlights

  • Improved MHT decoding
  • Added better error handling support
  • Added ability to use alternative save component
  • Cleaned up preferences dialog
  • Added MAF integration to save page dialog

cucbcflag — v0.1.0

(Displays the River Cam's flag status.)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Firt release of CUCBC Flag — a small, lightweight Firefox extension that displays the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs river flag status in the status bar.

InFormEnter — v0.2.2

(Form filling in semi-automatic mode)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows

First InFormEnter release on Support of update.rdf was added.

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