Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 22nd February 2005

Present: bienvenu, gerv, dbaron, asa, chofmann, myk, rafael, jst, chase, cbeard, mscott, justdave.

Firefox 1.0.1

  • 1 investigating bug + 1 regression + 2 fixups on packaging
  • Everything depends on having finished bits by Friday
  • Shooting for Thursday
  • 1.7.6 is hopefully trivial after that

Mozilla 1.8b

  • Asa will try and ship this tonight
  • Linux talkback is now fixed
  • 1.8b2 is 3 weeks away


  • scottk working on improving the hardware situation
  • 25,000,000 mostly done and wrapped up


  • On schedule; ready for 1.0.1
  • Security audit is in progress
  • Need to test l10n stuff
  • In the future, more capacity with a smaller mirror module

IDN/punycode domain spoofing

  • Consensus is emerging
  • We are OK with the system worked out for 1.0.1, which is to display as punycode at all times in the UI.
  • No XPI to turn back on, because we've just made it ugly rather than disabled it
  • Pre-shipping l10n call tomorrow

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