Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 7th February 2005

Present: raphael, mitchell, dougt, chofmann, sarah, asa, chase, myk, dbaron, cbeard, dmose, jst, bienvenu, mscott, blizzard, gerv, justdave, marcia.

Mozilla 1.8b6

  • Freezing tomorrow
  • New roadmap been published to the roadmap page and the relevant newsgroups

Firefox 1.0.1

  • Got through all nominations, we've got 29 open blockers
  • Lots of stuff on list that were minused on 1.0
  • Some bugs have been around for a while; there are differences in perceptions in those problems since we shipped
  • List was fairly load balanced
  • Trying to get all of those knocked out by the end of the week, testing next week

Firefox 1.1

  • Ben has posted a good update to the FF 1.1 roadmap and his preferences rewrite, and laid out the new schedule

Volunteer Awards

  • Asa needs to get with cbeard and plan for nomination process
  • Spotlighting contributors

Relationship between MoFo and

  • Mitchell's view:
    • In the old days it was that made day to day decisions
    • Advantage of Mozilla staff is that it is broader than a single employment organization, single management chain, that is valuable
    • As a project we want to continue to have a role for Mozilla Staff that is separate from being a Foundation employee.
    • Foundation employees are involved in the day to day operation.
    • Role of staff would be the same as it as used to be, operational focus shift more toward Foundation employees.
    • Suggest that we have a role for Mozilla staff — meritocracy, based on skills and invitation
    • Some role for speaking for the project that is different from Foundation, has some legitimacy
    • Project bigger than Foundation
    • Shouldn't set Foundation up as the voice of the project
    • Need checks and balances
  • Asa's thoughts:
    • Some functions that staff have performed are appointing module owners and peers; arbitrators of dispute
    • In light of weak ownership in some areas, and unowned modules, strong role for a group of people who don't have ties to the same management chain
    • It is probably more important now then it was then
  • How does someone become a member of staff? Clearer process
  • Sort out staff@ list vs. mofo@ list
  • Email addresses have been given out ad-hoc
  • Employees also need addresses
  • gerv and blizzard only non-Foundation people involved in the last year
  • shaver and dmose are staff associates; but do speak for the project a little bit
  • Dmose's thoughts:
    • Need to first figure out what the different roles are.
    • Avoid duplicate chains of command.
    • Technical (drivers) vs. non-technical (staff).
    • Defining new policies is a staff job?
  • Staff could report to the board on project progress
  • Non-revenue voice for the project; the dynamics change once there's money involved


  • Offsite meeting last Friday with blake, bart, asa, Joe Houston, rafael, cbeard
  • SpreadFirefox is going to structure itself as a project within Mozilla
  • Code in CVS, issue tracking through Bugzilla
  • Talked about sysadmin issues
  • They will come back with a roadmap


  • Still in a limbo state, a bit
  • asa, ben, chase, myk, dave + cbeard met with scott k and mike m from OSL.
  • Integrating build system with update services
  • Security strategies + mirror integrity
  • Client-side requirements — hashing etc.
  • Bouncer tool tests mirrors already
  • Can't do 1.0.1 without melting the system unless bouncer works


  • Desktop Linux Summit on Friday in San Diego
  • Linuxworld in Boston — sharing booth
  • mscott got his first birdie


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