Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 31st January 2005

Present: justdave, bienvenu, asa, chase, myk, scott, raphael, ben, dbaron, brendan, chofmann, marcia, dougt, dveditz?, jst?.

Mozilla 1.8b1

  • Scheduled to freeze next week
  • Asa has been through the big pass of nominations down from 100 to 30. 25 blockers some of that may be pushed out to Beta 2.
  • Will control checkins or do major changes during that time (next week)
  • List of security bugs nominated and landed for are on there)
  • Scott to go through dveditz's list of nominations for Tbird

Firefox 1.0.1

  • Meeting tomorrow at noon to go through the bug list

Firefox 1.1


  • Need a round of testing
  • Meeting on Thursday
  • By next week (or possibly the week after) we will have a plan or approach posted
  • Ben is going through his list today

Thunderbird 1.1

  • 43 bugs scheduled for 1.1
  • That doesn't include bugs for new features (Inline spell checker)
  • Updated roadmap needs to be posted

Volunteer Awards

  • Cbeard and asa met today, move forward with public nomination process, along the lines of what we had 5 years ago
  • Need to look at who did the most patches (Brendan)
  • Statistics are ok
  • If one person attached a patch to the bug that we really wanted, need to factor this in (ben)
  • Bring results back to this group or a similar group for review
  • Chris and asa will brainstorm ideas on how this will happen


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