Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 24th January 2005

Present: dbaron, mitchell, mscott, cbeard, asa, myk, marcia, chofmann, gerv, chase, scc, justdave.

Mozilla 1.8a6

  • 3 weeks left in beta including the freeze
  • Want to stay locked down through beta to a branching point for Gecko 1.8 (as normal)
  • There will be Seamonkey, Firefox and Thunderbird releases from this branch
  • Want to use a start page redirect to drive 1.8a1-1.8a5 people up to 1.8a6.

Firefox 1.0.1

  • Stability and security update on Aviary 1.0/Mozilla 1.7 branch for Seamonkey and Firefox
  • Haven't yet nailed down the exact fixes we want
  • There's a dependency on some u.m.o. work — it needs to be able to support the load

Firefox 1.1

  • Meeting tomorrow 4pm to look at ben's plan and see if three weeks is enough time before we UI freeze
  • Release has expanded in scope from the original plan; was a trunk sync, now has features
  • Extension community needs time to rev
  • l10n community also needs time

Deploying Hendrix

Broken Website Tool

  • Robert has landed the XUL half of website tool
  • Is currently landing the server component
  • Needs a review and security audit
  • Directories: extensions/reporter and tools/reporter (PHP)


  • Currently 40-50% of our traffic is coming from the plugin service

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