Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 18th January 2005

Present: bienvenue, asa, justdave, jst, mitchell, dbaron, myk, raphael, chofmann, chase, mscott, ben, marcia, cbeard.

  • Need to figure out if it works properly
  • If it doesn’t, fix the bugs that enable it to work when we do 1.1
  • cbeard has a meeting on Wednesday
  • Working with Alan Starr and Scott Kveton to identify the core set of things that we need to address to ensure security and stability

Feedback on 1.8a6

  • Shipped with 2-3 bugs
  • Jay is digging into Talkback
  • It did not get wide enough distribution to surface any new issues
  • 10-15K downloads so far, without any visible notice on the front page
  • Chofmann noted that the data from top news site indicates 1.8 users have measurable market share
  • Have we put up the warning to 1.8 users to upgrade to the alpha?
  • Asa to work with justdave or dbaron to update the Start page redirect
  • Need to get 1.8 trunk users on the latest alpha

Firefox 1.1

  • ben has been working on a Firefox roadmap.
  • What exactly we will do long term and for 1.1
  • In the next four weeks we have to figure out a plan before the beta

Thunderbird 1.1

  • Nothing specific to 1.1
  • In the next week at so, we need the same level of roadmap for TB and FF


  • Mozsource wants to cut a new set of CDs
  • Three CDs — our images have become big
  • There's a logical split between the products
  • Split Firefox and Thunderbird from a media perspective


  • Waiting for our first set of machines
  • They have been shipped today
  • It will probably take a week to get them up and running in the colo
  • New boxes which will be part of a new infrastructure.
  • Main changes are that services will be named on a machine instead of using machine names
  • This makes it more difficult for a developer to hack on a production machine
  • They have to go to testing, staging machine and then push to production e-mail changes

  • Want to implement SPF and SRS
  • Doing the upgrade — still send from addresses
  • Dave can write up a paper and send to staff regarding the server settings


  • Newsweek and Businessweek articles this week
  • PC World


  • Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego in February
  • Linuxworld in Boston
  • Conferences listed on the wiki
  • Let Raphael know regarding attendance


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