Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 10th January 2005

Present: bienvenue, scc, dougt, asa, chase, raphael, chofmann, dbaron, myk, marcia, jst.

Mozilla 1.8a6

  • Froze last week
  • 8 bugs on blocker list — need some review help from jst, ben, dveditz
  • 2 that don’t have patches
  • 1 code bug and 1 build issue
  • Tomorrow’s builds may be it — or Wednesday
  • Tree could open as early as tomorrow


  • Thunderbird working on Friday, Scott waiting for tree to open
  • Passed 2 million downloads! Yay!


  • Firefox mostly working on the trunk
    • Themes can’t install
    • Download dialogs
    • Need to get l10n structure in place
  • Need Schedule for 1.1 releases — details
  • Some l10ners need CVS access to move forward — Marcia to follow up with accounts
  • This week chofmann is working on a schedule for 1.1 and 1.01


  • Brendan has been working on Roadmap updates


  • Aaron Leventhal asked about accessibility, and whether we are going to invest in it
  • There is a set of markets that we won’t be able to get into if we don't
  • Set up a conference call with Aaron
  • Tracking bug for Firefox (Aaron put it together)
  • Need to look at Thunderbird as well


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