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by CHRIS NELSON | MozillaZine is gaining popularity every day. We're receiving thousands of hits a day, and a large percentage of you are reading our articles and commentaries, many contributed by readers such as yourself.

So, the request is this: If you come across any interesting news, give us a holler. The news should in some way pertain to Mozilla or Netscape (I'm trying to widen the net a little). If you come across a news piece about Mozilla on another site, let us know and we'll post a link. You can either email us (via helpMozillaZine at right), or submit it into our system (via submitArticle at right). If you are worried about giving out your email address when you submit a blurb, just say so and we won't post it.

Also, if you are interested in contributing material to mozillaZine, please give us a holler! We take submissions for opinion pieces, articles, interviews, etc. So break out the trusty word processor and get typing. If you want to first test the waters before writing reams of material, send us a mail with your idea and we'll talk.

Last, if you have wanted to know more about a specific aspect of Mozilla (for example, XML integration or the mail subsystem), send us a note or post your suggestion in the "talkback" accompanying this article, and we'll endeavor to go to the source and find out the scoop.

That's all. Keep an eye out for interesting news, and keep stopping back!

--mozillaZine Admin.

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