Mozilla 1.7.5 Coming in December

The Mozilla 1.7.1, 1.7.2, and 1.7.3 releases were all security releases from near the 1.7 release tag. Since then, we've taken quite a few changes into the 1.7 and Aviary branches but haven't delivered those changes in a Seamonkey release yet.

We're planning a mid-December Mozilla 1.7.5 release that will include all of those changes and be a Gecko-equivalent to Firefox 1.0. Web and web application developers should be able to test and certify against either of Mozilla 1.7.5 or Firefox 1.0 and have confidence that their code will work in the other.

For 1.7.5 we are only considering changes that provide the maximum compatibility with the Gecko shipped in Firefox 1.0, and of course any security issues that might be raised in the next week or so.

I've updated the "1.7.x" Bugzilla flags to "1.7.5" since that's the next major release we're shipping. We don't intend to take any changes into 1.7.5 that would break Gecko compatibility with Firefox 1.0 and we'd like to make this release happen quickly so we're also not likely to take even non-Gecko changes into 1.7.5 unless they're security related.

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