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There is an enormous push at the moment on the grassroots level in co-ordination with to increase the number of Firefox/Thunderbird downloads and get folks to switch from other browsers and email clients. This push includes one thousand reviews of Firefox on the product listing page, compiling a list of 2000 sites that should have Get Firefox buttons but don't have them yet, and fortherecord — an attempt to recruit people to help Mozilla to get more press coverage. Some websites have sprung up to encourage and inform users on making the switch. All don't focus exclusively on swithing to Mozilla clients, but they are included. See zillivisation, Browse Happy, Switch2Firefox and FirefoxIE. And of course, one of the best reasons for switching is the great choice and quality of extensions available. Enjoy these latest reports from some of the projects!

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

Previous Reports

Mozilla-Delphi Project

(Resources for working with Mozilla technologies in Borland Delphi and Kylix)

  • For: n/a
  • Platform: Windows, Linux

CVS contains updated JavaScript Bridge classes: Delphi functions now return values (string, double, integer, boolean and object types) to JavaScript. CVS also contains patches to improve SpiderMonkey's unicode support. This is beta code so please report any problems via the mailing list.

Stef Mientki spotted that the zip for 'Taming the Lizard with Delphi' (GeckoBrowser) contained the Delphi 4 source instead of the most recent Delphi 5+ source. This has now been fixed.


  • Delphi functions return values via JS Bridge
  • Improved unicode support in SpiderMonkey
  • More bugs squashed

LookAhead — v0.7

(Uses Google web service to fetch URLs in multiple tabs)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Shaped up a lot and didn't ship out.

Notable Highlights

  • Added dialog to configure usage
  • Added context menu with selected text for LookAheading
  • Added dialog to enter Google key
  • Fixed broken interaction with SearchButton

Upcoming Features

  • Fix interaction with "WebSearch"
  • Create "application" for identifying new Google results for search strings (like "GoogleAlert" Jr.?

Autofill — V0.2

(Firefox extension to automatically fill in forms)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Released V0.2 on 8/24

New Features

  • Added support for credit card attributes
  • Validates credit card numbers against Prefix, length, and LUHN Algorithm
  • Added support for form field recognition based on labels

Bug Fixes

  • Preferences Profile fields enabled on failed profile add
  • Fixed tab select behaviour to properly enable/disable autofill button when witching between tabs
  • Fixed options dialog popping up on top left of screen (now centered in opening window)
  • Fixed how add profile works to be more intuitive and less error prone
  • Fixed event handling code when clicking OK in preference dialog (was called multiple times)
  • Fixed profiles with comma or period breaking code (now comma and period are not valid characters in a profile name)
  • Bumped FF version support to 0.10
  • Updated Icons to better integrate with the default (i.e. smaller icon) themes

3iempost — v0.3

(firefox extension for posting a webpage to

  • For: Firefox 0.9+
  • Platform: Platform independent

0.3 released. New options added, and auto post url into forum added.

Notable Highlights

  • Post a webpage to with one click
  • Options to customize posting
  • All types of ill shit

bioFOX — v0.2

(Bioinformatics tools on Mozilla browsers)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Notable Highlights

  • Fixed blastn, blastp URLs
  • Fixed frame bug

biobar — v1.2

(A power browsing toolbar for bioinformatics database searches)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, All platforms where Mozilla/Firefox compiled

Biobar is a toolbar for biologists and bioinformaticians. Version 1.2 of biobar allows searching for information from 26 different biological databases from EBI, NCBI, plant, animal, scientific literature, functional and genomic collections.

Notable Highlights

  • New Options menu
  • Choice of specifying default database
  • Allows dynamic control of search database list
  • NCBI Library Linkout for customizing literature searches
  • Choice of mirrors for ExPASy, OCA, Flybase and RCSB databases
  • List of Databases searchable using biobar

MozManual — v1+

(Mozilla Manual — Introduction to Mozilla)

  • For: Mozilla
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

New translations available!

Notable Highlights

  • Dutch Version 1.0 is now available.
  • French version 1.35 (some minor corrections).
  • Web version 1.1 (some minor corrections).

Habari Xenu — v0.8

(A Cool XUL News Aggregator)

  • For: Mozilla
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Works now on Windows, Linux and OS X. Parses most syntactically correct feeds.

Notable Highlights

  • Works on Windows
  • Improved parsing of feeds
  • Supports RSS, RDF and Atom news feeds
  • Improved UI

ConQuery — v1.1

(Context sensitive web query extension)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Platform: All

Notable Highlights

  • FireFox 0.9 - 1.0 compatible, on-line update supported;
  • Thunderbird 0.6 - 0.7+ compatible (plugins with GET method only);
  • more: see homepage

Previous Reports

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