Independent Status Reports (2 August, 2004)

Mozilla usage and adoption is on the rise. This can be attributed to a number of factors. However, the primary factor is that it is cutting-edge, quality software. With this in mind, take in the variation of Mozilla development projects below, check some of them out, install and support them. At, we are seeing a sharp increase in new projects created, and this we see as a vindication of the time and effort we put in to provide this service to talented Mozilla developers.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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cuneAform — 0.2.7DE CC

(The HTML Editor for Everyone!)

  • For: Mozilla 1.4-Trunk, Firefox 0.7-Trunk
  • Platform: All Platforms

cuneAform now supports the CC GNU GPL lincence. We are encouraging everyone to make editations to the core and submit those changes. Also, we are looking for a co-developer for the project.

Here are some of the changes

  • You can now redistribute cAf under MPL or GPL/CC.
  • We now encorage spin-offs and will help those spin-offs.
  • The cuneAform code has now officaly been given back to the community.

Flipper — v2.5

(Gallery Flipper)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

It's now compatible with Firefox 0.9 and later releases.

MAF — 0.2.20

(Mozilla Archive Format)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux

MAF can now save pages in an MHT format that is IE compatible. There were also a few usability improvements including an alert notifying the user when a single page archive is complete and browsing through local archive pages using rewritten links. Check the changelog on the install page for a complete list of changes.

Notable Highlights

  • Improved MHT decoding code
  • Added MHT encoding code
  • Can now save additional Meta-data in MAFs
  • Improved the archive URL rewrite code

JRex — v1.0b

(A Java Browser Component with set of APIs for Embedding Mozilla Gecko within a Java Application)

Following features are complete:

  • Embedded Java Browser based on Mozilla GECKO.
  • Event capturing like InputEvents (mouse & keyboard), History, ContextMenu, ContentUrlListener, Observer, Progress, ToolTip.
  • Compatible with AWT and Swing.
  • Build in support for window and event management.
  • Easy to use, developer need not know much of Mozilla details. The effective line of code for simple use is not more than 3 lines.
  • Easy to use and easily extendable APIs.
  • Compatible with windows and *nix (Having GTK support).
  • Compatible with Mozilla 1.4 and above. Has been tested with Mozilla 1.4 and 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
  • Supports Tabbed and Java Internal Pane browser windows.
  • Support for Profile & preferences.
  • Support for Persist, Find & BroswerSetup (to enable/disable plug-in, image etc.) preferences.
  • Support for accessing DOM objects of rendered page.
  • In built support for Java WebStart deployment.
  • In built support for LiveConnect which helps in communication between javascript and Java.
  • Can be used for communication between custom XUL application with JVM in which JRex is running.

Please check JRex Home Page for more details and demos.

MAB — 1.2.0

(Tool for searching Amazon catalogs and browsing products)

  • For: Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Installed MAB 1.2 can save the results on your local hard drive.

Notable Highlights

  • Show product description, reviews, images, ISBN/ASIN, sales rank and all useful information about the selected product
  • Add selected products to shopping cart
  • Use label to categorize your results
  • Compare price between different Amazon store (com,, de, jp) showing the results on the same list
  • Export result list in XML and HTML

Mozilla Enterprise

(Information and links related to the use of Mozilla in the enterprise (business, corporate, universities, schools, etc.) environment.)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

This is a new project dedicated to providing information of use to people who need to install or support Mozilla in the enterprise.

Notable Highlights

  • Inital web pages created
  • Numerous information links added

MozManual — v1.1

(Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users)

  • For: Mozilla
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Web version 1.0 now available. French version now available. Versions in Dutch and Spanish are in progress. Seeking help for German translation.

Notable Highlights

  • Web version 1.0 released
  • French version released
  • Dutch version 0.5
  • Spanish version 0.1

HONcode Status / HONlookup — v1.3 / v1.2

(Extensions to support the Health On the Net Foundation (HON))

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Released HONcode Status v1.3 and HONlookup v1.2 to make them compatible with Firefox 0.9.x. The Mozilla versions should work with Mozilla 1.7.

Notable Highlights

  • Finally compatible with Firefox 0.9.x

Autofill — v0.1

(Autofill for Firefox)

  • For: Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

First Release: V0.1 available

Notable Highlights

  • Creation of an unlimited number of user profiles
  • Automatically highlight all the fields in the current form that can be filled in
  • Manifests as an additional toolbar button that can be added to any existing toolbar (e.g. the Navigation Toolbar) (to save screen real estate)
  • True support of RFC3106 (Google Autofill claims to support it, but actually doesn't)

MozCreator ⏼ 0.1a

(Mozilla Development IDE written in Java)

  • For: Mozilla Platform
  • Platform: All

The MozCreator project was created. Our goal is to create a Mozilla developement environment in Java. This environment will feature a number of tools to help increase development on the Mozilla platform. A couple of these features include a tabbed text editor, automatic JAR creation and RDF generation, and compiling with the preprocessor.

Team members are R.J. Keller and Brant Gurganus. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to email us.

Because the application is currently in alpha form, we are not yet providing binaries for MozCreator. Feel free to download and compile the source code if you want a sneak peak or checkout the screenshots page.

Here are a couple of improvements we've made to MozCreator since the initial code release:

  • Now compiles applications!
    • Only works with creating JAR files.
    • RDF is automatically generated and inserted into the build.
    • Uses Zip by default, but can be changed in the Project Preferences. Your zipping program cannot output any information to the console or open any windows, or else it will not work. It's an issue with cross-platform program execution. This is why, by default, zip is in quiet mode.
  • Line numbers now appear in text boxes.
  • Rewrote CTabInterface class (now split into TabEditor and TabEditorUtilities) to increase simplicity, decrease program size, and increase performance. The original tab interface was never designed to be used in the kind of way it was being used, so the new system should be much more flexible.
  • Added a Tasks and Build bar area. Tasks don't work yet (although might work if you hard code some tasks in the Tasks list in your Workspace object).
  • Undo/Redo support added.
  • When you forget to save a document and close the program, you are alerted.
  • Changed a couple of interfaces were changed to abstract classes to add general features.
  • An Image Viewer has been added that opens PNG, JPG, and GIF files by default when they're clicked on the tree.
  • Project Settings dialog has been reorganized.
  • generation classes are in place but not yet written.
  • New File dialog created but not yet completed.

DerBrowserTimer — v0.3.1

(Timer/Clock/Alarm addon for Mozilla FireFox)

  • For: Firefox 0.9 and up
  • Platform: All

DerBrowserTimer 0.3.1 was released on 7/22/04.

Der Browser Timer is a timer/clock/alarm add-on for the Mozilla FireFox browser. It places a digital time readout on the right side of the browser menu bar, allows you to set an alarm with an audible alert and/or visual notification, and can also be configured to signal the hour or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock.

This alpha version includes multiple time display formats, three alarm types, autonomous shut off, auto reset, choice of alarm sounds including user-specified file, cuckoo function, and rudimentary help documentation.

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