Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 26th July 2004

Present: asa, chofmann, ben, marcia, gerv, johnny, myk, bart, mitchell, bienvenu.

Firefox 1.0 RC1

  • 45 to 50 PR1 stoppers
  • jst working on automatic plugin selection system to replace Netscape plugin downloader
  • Doron is working on the download UI
  • Branch has own bonsai and LXR
  • Getting daily smoketests for all platforms on the branch right now
  • Passed all basic functional tests (250) a couple of weeks ago

Mozilla 1.8a3

  • Asa and marcia doing sporadic trunk testing
  • Alpha 3 means more padding to avoid Firefox release and Mozilla releases coinciding

Developer Day

  • Promoting it at OSCON and Linux World
  • Need to co-ordinate with Google about food etc.

PSM Ownership mail

  • chofmann to make sure something happens

System for reporting broken sites

  • We have a volunteer and a design
  • Hope to have it in time for 1.0 release
  • Chrome integration not a requirement
  • Separate from Talkback
  • Robert Accettura working on some new code to do this
  • Is Bugzilla actually a better tool to use here?
  • Asa to organise meeting to discuss

User feedback mechanism for 1.0

  • Asa to talk to Blake to try and get some of the marketing volunteers on this
  • Same as Netscape's — put all feedback in a newsgroup for browsing


  • Blake has been hired by the Foundation for the summer

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