New Tree Rules for Aviary Branch In Effect

Hi guys,

Now that we're getting closer (within a few weeks) of PR1 and shortly thereafter 1.0, it's probably time to start applying some policy and tree management.

What this means is that checkins to browser/ and toolkit/ now require approval using the newly added approval-aviary flag for patches. Some combination of myself, chofmann, asa and mscott will do approvals. We feel the bug list is now sufficiently small that we can handle this.

Exemptions (mini-fiefdoms that I don't want to mess with):

  • theme changes (browser/themes and toolkit/themes)
  • help system content

... although if changes here start breaking the app, we may have to impose process there too ;-)

Now, before requesting approval, ask yourself these pressing questions:

  • did I test my changes thoroughly?
  • did I test them in unusual configurations or did I try thinking laterally or how a real user might?
  • did I build the installer, if I'm adding and removing files in volume or changing registration paths? (we shouldn't really have many more incidences of this anyway)
  • if my changes are large, did I try in a clean tree/profile, just to see what effects for others (who haven't been running with the patch for the last 4 weeks) are going to be like.

In several of these I say things referencing "large checkins" which I really hope we're done with now -_-

One final note: This does not yet apply to mail/.

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