Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 19th July 2004

Present: gerv, asa, dbaron, jst, marcia, mitchell, ben.

Mozilla 1.8a3

  • An alpha 3 will be inserted between alpha 2 and beta to hopefully avoid being stretched too thin with 1.8 and aviary 1.0.
  • drivers will post roadmap updates soon.
  • Trunk is going at its own pace while we focus on the branch; best to keep calling releases alpha rather than beta.
  • One complaint was instability at This looks like it has been worked around by the blogger folks.
  • Asa investigating with Blogger folks
  • Watching feedback on 1.8a2 plugins stuff to see if it can go on the branch

Firefox 1.0 RC1 and Thunderbird 0.8

  • A few weeks still to go


  • As more Firefox end users find Bugzilla, we're getting more incomplete bug reports.
  • Need a better mechanism for reporting broken sites, using an aggregation mechanism
  • Asa to mail Gerv/caillon and/or blog about this
  • Try and find a volunteer to write it

Developer Day

  • 100+ can fit in the facility
  • Ideas for further plugging:
    • Web developers?
    • Plugin mailing list
    • Check for other conferences

Marketing Launch

  • 3 pieces, all started already
    1. Traditional marketing (rafael) — plans, documents, people available
    2. PR — (ex-Netscapers). PR strategy doc in the next week
    3. Community marketing already underway. First two weekly campaigns (cnet reviews and "for the record" press effort) already a big success.

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