Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 12th July 2004

Present: bienvenu, jst, gerv, asa, chofmann, dbaron, myk, mscott, marcia, rebron, leaf.

Mozilla 1.8a2

  • Plan is to get 1.8a2 out ASAP — hopefully this evening or tomorrow?
  • Backed tooltip bidi change out (regressions); another round of builds today
  • Jonny's plugin API changes landed on trunk this morning
  • Asa wants to do basic plugin function testing
  • Hope to get them on the Aviary branch soon
  • We've moved to 10x bigger Talkback database, but no migration so no data in it at the moment

Firefox 1.0

  • 117 bugs on the blocker list
  • People are encouraged to nominate with a "?"
  • Firefox RC1 scheduled for August 9th
  • RC1 means all more severe/longer lead time items fixed, plus those with l10n impact
  • UI freeze scheduled for a couple of days after that
  • RC2 is targetted for August 30th


  • 0.8 at the end of this month
  • On track to ship 1.0 on the same date as Firefox

Modified versions of logos

  • rebron is working with silverorange to get logo guidelines written

Localisation trademark policy

  • Several localisation groups asking
  • We are grinding through complex issues as fast as possible


  • Webstats broken until recently, because logfiles rotating — 1/3 of what they should be
  • We currently have the same traffic as Slashdot or ZDNet, and increasing fast
  • We moved into top 2000 websites recently
  • Need to think about server capacity!


  • Need to organise Firefox/Thunderbird l10n meeting
  • TestTracker announcement going out
  • Help to identify testcases that'll help us ship Firefox/Thunderbird
  • Blowout cantina on Friday


[I was ill for the 2004-07-05 meeting, and it was my church's quarterly business meeting on 2004-06-28. Consequently, there are no notes of those meetings.]

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