Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 21st June 2004

Present: bart, scc, bienvenu, myk, jst, ben, mitchell, brendan, mscott, chofmann, dbaron, asa, rebron


  • Good feedback so far
  • Started taking 1.7.1 changes, but release not yet scheduled
  • Problem with last security fix we took for 1.7 (ok security-wise, but breaks more sites than we need to)

Branches, misc.

  • Aviary 1.0 branch synced up to 1.7 release (checkin wise, but not porting to forked files)
  • Maintaining extra branches for a while (security/stability work on 1.7 will be put on aviary as well, as well as other stuff on aviary)
  • needed-aviary1.0 and fixed-aviary1.0 in Bugzilla Status Whiteboard. These should probably be keywords.
  • Need test plans for aviary. Asa porting smoketests.
  • Problem with talkback being behind, Shiva the only one who knows how to fix it. Need to move over to new server so this doesn't happen.


  • 0.9 shipped. 600K downloads so far from mirrors reporting (9 of 11).
  • Resyncing trunk with branch
  • Hard to compare download statistics (different setups)
  • Slower migration because people want to stay with 0.8 for their extensions?
  • Many more FF downloads than suite


  • 0.7 shipped Wednesday
  • Some bad bugs — failed to recognize profile path containing non-ASCII characters — may want a point-release
  • OS X builds often not finding TB0.6 profile
  • Users who don't follow release notes and delete application directory unable to run, because of switch to static build. May be related to installer not removing compreg.dat/xpti.dat. Would like to fix (probably more like old Seamonkey solution). Problem not as bad for FF because it's always been static.

FF and TB release review

  • FF and TB had major problems with users who had used a certain range of nightly builds
  • Most FF and TB complaints related to extensions and theme
  • Given crash-landings for feature completeness, met our expectations (but it is a little rough)
  • Disappointed with a few of the major bugs
  • FF and TB 1.0 now top priority
  • Were localizers not informed enough about release plans? FF roadmap is kept up to date, but more email could be sent. Should we have an announce list for localizers, extension authors, etc.?
  • Need l10n+aviary meeting
  • Should start getting localizations into our tree
  • Should we reschedule 1.8 relative to FF/TB 1.0?


  • Release coming up
L. David Baron

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